African Eagle Projects

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AEP takes great pride in the efficiency with regards to one-on-one client interaction, and we believe that if we don’t leave the client feeling 100% informed and completely comfortable then we have no place in this industry. We understand that the client is the most important entity,  and no measure can be put in place to prevent us from ensuring complete customer & product satisfaction is the order of the day.

On top of our great service, we also offer a product deemed worthy of excellence. At AEP we stand firm in the believe that we do it only once, and we do it right!

But why does that matter to you?

With each discipline & contractor involves certain costs, costs which is generally coming out of the pockets of the client. If we were to fail to do the tasks assigned to us in a manner not satisfactory to the client, that would mean repeating the same task, but only now with extra labour, material, stress and a client that no longer feels comfortable. Hence the reason AEP assures that we do it 1st time right.

African Eagle Projects is registered with NHBRC and operates all over the Western Cape. To view our NHBRC details, you can either go to the NHBRC registry database by clicking on the link below, or go to the ‘ About AEP’ and request our NHBRC information & certificate. For safety reasons we do not display the NHBRC certificate or NHBRC number on our website.

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